What’s Your Story?

Internet MediaIf you’re like most business owners you can tell me everything I need to know about your products, services and business partners. You can tell me how your innovative, groundbreaking and cutting-edge products and services measure up to your competitors. But, that’s not all the media, thought leaders and potential buyers want to know. With the exception of paid media (advertising) no one wants to hear about your products. Think about it. With more than 250,000 new products launching globally, you must rise above the crowd—and not just in your own mind.

In order to get on the radar of journalists and thought leaders, you must be able to effortlessly tell a compelling story about who, what, when, why and how your product or service came to be. And, sometimes that’s not enough. Getting your story out there—to the public—relies on your ability to tell your story and your relationships with decision makers, journalists, bloggers and thought leaders. The people I just named are, for all intents and purposes,  distributors of information. They take what is sent to them, if it is any good, and write about it and share it with their audience. Your problem? If you don’t know how to pitch them, your story might go into File 13.

Don’t End Up in File 13. Hire a Public Relations Professional.

If you didn’t know, File 13 is a euphemism for the trash can. A public relations professional can take your story and craft it into compelling content that will inspire others to write and talk about it. We help business owners like you curate credibility. Not only do we draft interesting stories for our clients, we research and pull editorial calendars, media contacts and blogger information that fit into the goals and objectives devised in your very own public relations plan. There is nothing cookie-cutter about your brand so there is nothing cookie-cutter about the strategies we deploy for our clients.

We help our clients tell their stories. Get heard. Schedule a free consultation.


Image Credit:  Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.com