Press Release Information Form

Press Release Information Form
This form is used to gather information for press releases for Dorsey Group clients.
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Press Release Information
The following sections will provide us with what we need to draft a quality press release.
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The 5 Ws
We need to know the what, who, where, when and why of your news. Remember, please be clear and detailed.
Tell us what the release is about. Is this a new product or an updated one? Is this an event, promotion or partnership announcement?
Who are the key players? Sponsors, attendees, award recipient, inventor, researcher, writers, etc.
Where will (did) this new item occur?
When will (did) this new item occur?
Answer these questions: What does your audience need to know? Who will be affected by this news item? How will they be affected? What's interesting about this news item? Is there anything controversial.
Please have someone from outside of your organization (actor, book distributor, buyer, etc) give insight about working with you or your product.
Please have someone who has used your product or service to provide a brief statement.
Misc Information
This section is used to gather additional information that might be helpful in drafting your release.
Please provide a brief bio and/or "About Us" information.
If you have a list of news outlets you would like to target, please add them here.
Please provide links to your product/service, reviews, etc.
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