Client Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

Client Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
This form is use to help potential clients determine their needs and goals. Your honest, thoughtful responses are necessary for our team to determine if or how Dorsey Group can help you reach your business goals. Please note that all responses are held in complete confidence.
Client Information
Please provide the following contact information.
Creative Design
In Dorsey Group processes, creative design is the cornerstone of hour our team builds a communications plan. The information in this section gives us an understanding of why you are seeking services.
Collective Intelligence
A successful communications plan requires a team effort. Collective intelligence is exactly what you think--the combination of Dorsey Group's and your team's intelligence. This information gives us insight on how we can work together to set and achieve viable goals.
Past agency experience and future agency expectancy.
Your human and technical resources available.
What do you know about what you want to achieve as compared to your industry?
Measurable Results
Everything should be done for a reason. In business that is called Return On Investment or ROI for short.